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Established in the 1980’s by Bruce Brosnahan, Atlantic Elevator Services got its start when Brosnahan created his own dumbwaiter out of a garage door opener at the request of a current client. His interest in this field of work grew stronger as he realized accessibility lifts on the Delaware shore could be a profitable business with homes at the beach growing more and more popular among families. Thus Atlantic Elevator Services was born and the first elevators he installed were D.A. Matot elevators.

However, Brosnahan soon came across a company in Appleton, Wisconsin, that went by the name of Waupaca Elevator Company. Liking the way its operation ran, Brosnahan began a working relationship with the Wisconsin counterpart, one that has remained strong as Atlantic Elevator continues to use its products to this day. At the request of other clientele, he began looking into porch lifts and stair chairs to expand his services and later settled with a company out of Pennsylvania called Ability Technologies, a company offering ThyssenKrupp products.

As years passed, Atlantic Elevator Services continued to expand with the ever-growing communities consisting of three and four story homes. His children, Megan and Eric Brosnahan, also joined the business to work alongside their father, each at the age of 16. Although they were both still in school during these times, they each had their own responsibilities. Megan helped in the office by performing secretarial duties, writing up contracts, or going to sales meetings with her father. While at the other end of the business, Eric worked in the field learning everything he could about the products his father was installing.

By the time high school and college were completed, both were fully involved in the family business. It was only a few years later, in December of 2006, that Bruce passed away, leaving his children to carry on what he started. Now with the help of family, friends, staff and an ever-growing community, Atlantic Elevator Services continues to develop and strive for the best.