Dumbwaiters & Cargo Lifts

Handicap Accessible

Custom Elevator Options

Raised Panels

Our solid hardwood cars may be constructed from our standard woods or exotic wood of your choice depending on availability. We have compiled 10 configurations of standard option panel designs. Custom designs and treatments may be considered from your drawings. Combinations of wood species offer beautiful contrast and truly unique designs.

Raised Panel Cars

4 panel
6 panel
6 panel sym
6-panel symetrical
5 panel
6 panel special
6-panel special
arched 4 pan
Arched 4-panel
arched 6 pan
Arched 6-panel
arched 6 panel sym
Arched 6-panel symetrical
arched 5 pan
Arched 5-panel
arched 6 panel special
Arched 6-panel special


Standard wood handrails to match your car walls add an element of saftey and security to the ride of your elevator. Optional brushed or polished finish handrails are also available.


Wood Finishes

We have traditionally offered unfinished wood products and feature signature stained or natural oil rubbed finish. Offerings now include lacquer resilient coatings and Minwax stains applied to selected wood products. Those who wish to match other wood treatments in their homes may select unfinished cars. Your millwork or design professional may then match the nuances of complementing decor.


Hall Stations

Hall stations are available in finishes to match car operating panel. They include a call button with an In-Use indicator. A Separate Car-Here button is available. Key locks may be added to all controls for controlled access and safety. Hall stations feature extended service life LEDs.


Car Operationg Panels

Car operating panels are available in brushed muntz or stainless steel as standard with a polished finish as optional. The large buttons illuminate when pressed, to indicate a registered call. An emergency stop switch and an alarm button are provided for your safety. A car light switch in included for convenience. Car operating panels feature extended service life LEDs.

operating panels

Phone Boxes

phone boxes

Down Trim Lights

trim lights


Accordian gates are standard on all cars. Our wide selection of standard vinyl lam finishes included light oak, white, natural oak, ad chalk. Optional accordian gates feature clear or bronze acrylic see through panels. Special order accordian gates are also available.


Power Gate Operator

power gate operator