Stair Lifts

Stairway lifts may be installed on the external stairs of the house and/or on a stairway inside the house. They are easily installed in most homes and even easier to use. Either way they are a simple and inexpensive way for you or your loved one to get up and down your home.

Porch Lifts

Porch lifts are an alternate way to get your wheelchair to each level of your home. They are generally used for external use. There are two types: hydraulic and ball-screw. Both lifts have a 750 lb. capacity, they come in 3′ x 4′ and 3′ x 5′ sizes. The difference between the two is the hydraulic has a automatic lowering device while the ball screw has a manual hand crank


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Stair Lifts
Porch & Car Lifts