Residential Elevators Are An Easier And Safer Way To Travel

Carrying a large or awkward item up and down the stairs could result in personal injury, damage to the home, and/or to the item. With today’s rising healthcare costs that simple fall on the stairs could end up costing you thousands of dollars which could have paid for the elevator. Don’t forget those injuries that occur outside of the home! We all have, at one point or another, suffered from a strained muscle or a sprained ankle—or worse—and were forced to either climb the stairs one painful step at a time or just make do in a downstairs room. The home elevator will allow the homeowner to travel safely and comfortably from floor to floor. For a growing number of individuals with hip or joint pain just walking can be painful. While a one-level home might eliminate some issues (climbing stairs), walking from one end of the home to the other can be a long and painful journey. With a well-designed home and a strategically-located elevator, the number of steps required to get from room to room can be dramatically reduced.